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​​​​​​​Woods & Water Addiction was established in 2014. We are a group of hunting and fishing enthusiasts from across the country. And while we are all individuals, we are bound by our strong passion for the outdoors. If it has anything to do with fishing or hunting, you will find a Woods & Water Addiction Prostaffer there! We are committed to bringing you high-quality content that not only entertains, but also educates.

​We also have a strong desire to give back. Our goal is to work with wounded veterans and children, as well as the under privileged youth who may otherwise have nobody or no way to get outdoors. We want to serve those who have served us, and we want to ensure the future of hunting. It is up to us to pass this tradition on to our children. So, watch us as we not only pursue wild game, but as we go after our dreams to give back.

​We want to take a moment to thank our sponsors, because without them, we could not do what we do. We will take every opportunity to promote our sponsors and their products or services and to bring them to the forefront. We believe in every single product and service we promote. We choose our sponsors carefully. If we do not believe in them, we cannot commit. So know when you see us using a product or service, it is because we believe in it 100%, and you can, too.

​Now, with all that said, we hope you will join us in our pursuit and follow us throughout this journey. We thank God for this opportunity to be a part of the hunting industry and to share our passions with you.